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What Is Real Estate Content. How To Create It.

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Content. Content is everywhere. Content is on the TV you watch, the radio you listen to on your way to or from the office, on your iPod etc. Content is what you are reading right now. The Internet is powered by content. Your real estate business is powered by real estate content. One of the questions I get a lot from my clients and those Phoenix REALTORS® that attend my real estate marketing classes is What Is Real Estate Content and How Do I Create It? Real estate … [Read more...]

How Did You Learn This Stuff? The development of a strong USP

Unique Selling Proposition

"How did you learn this stuff?" he said. He is Blair Ballin, a REALTOR®  in Phoenix. I was shooting a video of his luxury listing in Phoenix. "Huh?" I asked. ""How did you learn this stuff - the video and WordPress and camera equipment, you know - that stuff. How did you learn about it?" he asked again. I explained. The development of a strong USP I have been in title for 11 years. I have always been a sales guy. I know people. I know the best sales people ask more … [Read more...]

Real Estate Content Marketing Strategy. Does Your Real Estate Business Have One?

Real Estate Content Marketing Strategy

Content makes the world go round. Well, it does on the Internet anyway. Content is to your real estate website what gas is to your car. Just like you aren't getting far without gas in your car, you aren't getting internet leads without content in your real estate website. I heard a quote today "2012 is the year of the content strategy". In reality, tech savvy real estate professionals have long since incorporated a content marketing strategy into their real estate business. I … [Read more...]

I Was Wrong. Please Forgive Me

adapt or die

I was wrong. I am sorry. It takes a big man to step up in front of the 4000 + real estate professionals that visit every month and say this. I hope you can forgive me. I meant no harm. I was simply going by the information I was given. The information that I found. How could I have known that it was wrong? Maybe I should have done more research. Spent more time away from helping my clients grow their real estate business with WordPress, Video, Screencast and … [Read more...]

Benefits Of Video In Real Estate. Why Video

Benefits Of Video In Real Estate

11 years. 11 years working in the title industry. That's a long time in any industry but it is even more significant in the competitive, often cut throat world of real estate marketing. As a REALTOR® every title company, every title rep, every escrow officer wants your attention, your business. They call you, email you, tweet and facebook chat you - all in the hopes of meeting with you. All so they can give you {essentially} the same spiel "our escrow officers are great" "we … [Read more...]

Protected: How To Beat Your Competition For Listings

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Great Sushi, Crappy Real Estate Photos

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My wife thinks I work too much. In between my job as the Director of Sales Technology for Grand Canyon Title in Phoenix and my job of being a husband and a father I shoot video's on the weekends for restaurants in the Phoenix Metro area. One of my clients is Blue Wasabi Sushi & Martini Bar in Scottsdale and Gilbert. If you like sushi you will love Blue Wasabi Sushi. Their sushi rocks, their concept is fantastic. While other sushi restaurants have the run of the mill … [Read more...]

Real Estate Marketing With Facebook Business Pages: I Told Ya So

HUB Marketing

"I told ya so". Normally when you hear someone say this little gem it's in reference to something someone WARNED you about. You chose not to listen and now look - you are screwed. We say this to our kids all the time. "Don't climb up on the couch, you could fall off and crack your head!" Boom. Crash. Crying kid. What follows? Yep - "I told ya so!" We just can't help ourselves. When we see someone doing something that is bad for them or their business and they choose not to … [Read more...]

Shadow Inventory Phoenix. Is There Shadow Inventory In Phoenix?

Shadow Inventory Phoenix

Shadow Inventory. Depending on who you ask, it is real of a mirage. You can listen to the media, your next door neighbor, the lady at the grocery store, but does that really answer the question it seems like so many people real estate agents and analysts are talking about? Is there shadow inventory in Phoenix? Shadow Inventory as it relates to real estate is the belief that there are thousands of homes in the Phoenix metro area that banks are "getting ready" to release … [Read more...]

Protected: Real Estate Video Production: The Equipment and Tools I Use

real estate video production

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