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What Does It Take To Be A Good Real Estate Agent?

What Is Good?

What does it take to be a good real estate agent? It is not me asking, it’s [I’m guessing] everyday people, that are considering getting into the real estate industry Or those consumers looking for a real estate agent. They are researching, gathering information to educate themselves – so they don’t make a mistake. I know this question is being asked a lot because they [like most people] ask Google a question: “Qualities of a good real estate agent” and Google, being the good friend to me that he {or she} is – sends them here, to

search results real estate agent qualities

search results real estate agent qualities














So, what are the qualities of a good real estate agent? What does it take to be a good real estate agent? And what is an indicator of this word “Good”? Good at what? Good at marketing? Negotiating? Communicating? Representing Buyers? Sellers? Exactly what do they mean by “good”? I think everyone would have a different answer because everyone really has a unique question. And that is one of the beauties of this thing we call Google.

So what are the Qualities of a good real estate agent? Well, after 11 years in title I have my own opinions as I am sure you do as well. It is important to note that these are just that – opinions. Not fact. And like anything else, is subject to interpretation.

I can say what I believe makes a good real estate agent by thinking about what I would want in a real estate agent if I was a consumer. Me, an industry veteran, at least I would hope I am after 11 years in the “trenches” in one of the most competitive markets in the country – Phoenix.

In this post I’m going to focus solely on the buying process so the qualities listed below will represent a “buyers agent” as we call them here in Phoenix. Now let me tell you that I can be a little abrasive. By “abrasive” I mean honest as I see it.  I don’t pull any punches and I speak my mind.  Deal with it. I’m merely stating the facts as I see them; what I would want if I was looking for a real estate agent to represent me in the buying process. Besides, the truth is an absolute defense, so here we go. . . In NO particular order:

Available. If I was buying a home, I would want a real estate agent that was available. When I say available I mean one that actually answers the damn phone. I continue to be blown away by the number of consumers that contact me and reference this seemingly little thing {which is HUGE by the way} in their requirements for finding a good real estate agent. If I want to see homes on a Saturday I want a real estate agent that can show them to me. If my real estate agent can not be available I would require a member of their team to help me. Speaking of me….

Me. Meaning it is about me and therefor not about you. I would want a real estate agent that puts my needs first. Above all else. This is not something that you can say by the way, it’s a feeling. You can tell when someone is out for themselves, the hair on the back of your neck will go up when they are telling you that it is “all about you”, when it is clearly all about them.

Questions. I would want a buyers agent that asks a lot of questions. A real estate agent that seeks to discover my motivations for wanting a 3 bedroom home with a den as opposed to a 4 bedroom home. A real estate agent that seeks to understand why it is important for me to live within 5 miles of my work or my kids school or a freeway. Asking the right questions and finding my motivation will help a buyers agent really understand my requirements, which could open up some possibilities I may not have considered. Asking the right questions will save me {and you} a lot of time which is {in my world} money.

Communication. I want a real estate agent that can communicate in the way that I want them to. I find it sad that in an industry that revolves around and relies upon communication that the #1 complaint about real estate agents is the lack of communication. Let’s agree upfront that if I text you I would prefer to get a text back, same for email, facebook, twitter etc. I don’t want you to call me when I send you a text message, If I wanted to talk to you on the phone I would have called you instead of sending a text message. I want a real estate agent that will check in often, even if there is nothing to report. If we have an offer submitted and we are waiting to hear if the seller accepted it don’t leave me hanging, don’t allow my or my wife’s imagination to run amuk, with feelings of uncertainty and stress, contact me {in the way I contacted you} and fill me in, even if there is nothing to – “fill”.

Honest. I need to be able to trust what my real estate agent says. This is a good area or it isn’t? This is home is priced right or it isn’t. I have my speciality and they have theirs but it all revolves around honesty. As a general rule, someone that promotes their honesty usually is not. It’s like the dude at the party that says : I’m not prejudiced BUT. . . ”  I need a real estate agent that I can believe in.

Expert. If you were having heart surgery would you want a eye doctor? Sociologist? Psychiatrist? Let me help you with this one – HELL NO! You would want an expert and that is exactly what I would want. If I am buying a home in South Chandler  [east valley] I want the South Chandler expert. If I was buying in Ocotillo I want the Ocotillo expert, not some rookie that normally works in Anthem [far west valley] that can show me homes in Chandler. An expert will save me from buying that home where a freeway is being considered. An expert will save me time and money.

Negotiation. I’m married. I negotiate all the time. I often want one thing and my wife often wants another. We negotiate. I state my case, she states hers and we come to a compromise. A win/win if you will. I want a real estate agent that will negotiate a little better on my behalf with a seller than I obviously could with my wife. A real estate agent that has enough knowledge to know what a home is worth in a particular market at a particular point in time AND has the skill [and it is a skill] to get the seller to see their point of view, while still providing a win/win for us both.

At the end of the day it is important to note that a real estate agent is just that – an agent. A person that acts on behalf of another. If you are acting on behalf of me, I would need to to be there for me. I would need to you to ask the right questions of me. I would need you to communicate with me. I would need you to use your market knowledge and expertise to help me. I would need you to negotiate on behalf of me, be honest with me, because at the end of the day it really is all about ME.

These are my top qualities of a real estate agent, a buyers agent anyway. I work with a lot of great real estate agents here in Phoenix, real estate agents that put their clients first, communicate, negotiate, ask the right questions and certainly are experts in the areas they serve.  If you are a consumer looking for a real estate agent in Phoenix, fill out the form below and I will make sure you get a real estate agent that embodies all of the qualities of a good real estate agent above.

So, real estate agents…. did I miss any? What qualities of a good real estate agent did I miss?

In the next post we will examine the qualities of a sellers real estate agent or listing agent as we call them here in Arizona.

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