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How To STOP Recommended Videos From Appearing On Your YouTube Real Estate Videos

Video thumbnail for youtube video How To STOP Recommended Videos From Appearing On Your YouTube Real Estate Videos - My Title Guy

Imagine for a moment you are a consumer. Lets say you are a homeowner and you live in Phoenix. Got it? OK. You are underwater on your Phoenix home to the tune of - oh, lets say. . . .$80,000, no that's not enough, let's say $100,000, yeah - $100,000. You have watched your neighborhood be absolutely destroyed by foreclosures. The Johnson's, gone. The Smith's - them too. Many of the people that lived in your Phoenix area subdivision are gone - they lost their Phoenix homes … [Read more...]

How To Use Real Estate Flyers For Leads

real estate fliers

How To Use Real Estate Flyers To Get More Leads   How would you like to design a real estate flyer, print it, distribute it and have it work? When I say "work" I mean, get a lead?   It would be Awesome! ¬†User Error But why don't real estate flyers work the way they "used" to? Could it me that it's not the flyer's fault but instead the problem lies with the user? I call it user error. In many cases it is not the marketing vehicle that is to … [Read more...]

Glidecam DSLR Video Stabilizer For Real Estate. Can I get Some Fries With That “SHAKE”?

Video thumbnail for youtube video Glidecam DSLR Video Stabilizer For Real Estate. Can I get Some Fries With That "SHAKE"? - My Title Guy

Remember the last time you saw a real estate agent showing off their latest listing on video? If you were like me (and I am betting you were) you shook your head in utter disbelief [mouth open] as the real estate agent walked from room to room with their iPhone, Kodak Zi8, Playtouch, Flip Mino or other camera. It wasn't that the real estate agent was using video in their real estate business that was unbelievable, it was the fact that they actually uploaded this shaky, … [Read more...]

Arizona School of Real Estate Career Event. The Best Brokerages In One Location

Arizona School Of Real Estate Career Event

Sales is not easy. It can be challenging and frustrating and certainly stressful at times, it can also be exceptionally rewarding. There are not many occupations where you are in control of your own destiny, the amount of money you make hours worked etc. Real estate is one of them. Choosing a career in real estate sales starts with getting a real estate license. To get a real estate license in Phoenix an aspiring real estate agent needs to go to school. Real estate … [Read more...]

Real Estate Content. Creating Engaging Real Estate Content

Video thumbnail for youtube video Real Estate Content. Creating Engaging Real Estate Content - My Title Guy

I love WordPress. WordPress has changed my title business in more ways than I can count. Let's see, uh - I get found online now, I have real estate agents around the country, title companies around the country, home buyers an sellers from around the country contact me. WordPress allows me to create real estate content easily and efficiently, without having to call someone who calls someone to make a change [for a fee]. I can easily create engaging real estate content, … [Read more...]

5 Things Real Estate Agents Need To Stop Doing Immediately

5 Things Realtors Need To Stop Doing

Warning. Danger Will Robinson. Rant Ahead. . .   Google. YouTube. Magazines. Postcards. Emails, Seminars, pick one and you are likely to see, hear, read someone in the real estate space TELLING you what you absolutely need to do immediately to grow your real estate business. Sorry, I mean "TELL YOU WHAT YOU ABSOLUTELY NEED TO DO IMMEDIATELY!" Call more often, cold call, door knock, send personal notes, get this website, use this software or that one. Seems … [Read more...]

Real Estate Video Marketing: The Tale Of TWO Tapes

real estate video

In my capacity as the Director of Sales Technology for Grand Canyon Title Agency in Phoenix [boy that's a mouth full], my job, my responsibility is to help Phoenix real estate agents grow their business. There are many ways to do this but the tools I use involve the use of technology. I don't normally do: direct mail, print real estate ads, print real estate books, magnets, Phoenix Suns, Coyotes, AZ Diamondbacks, ASU, NAU, Cardinals sports schedules, branded coffee mugs, … [Read more...]

Housing Market In Phoenix: Why NOW Is The Time To Buy A Home

Housing Market In Phoenix

The housing market in Phoenix is on FIRE! Now. Wait. Now! Uh, you missed it again. ok, wait for it [1,2,3. . .] NOW is the right time to buy a home in Phoenix Arizona. If you have been looking to buy a home in Phoenix, you already know this: The housing market in Phoenix is HOT!. The days of taking your sweet time, dragging your real estate agent, excuse me, real estate agent{s) around the Phoenix metro area to see home after home only to "think about it" are over. Today … [Read more...]

Real Estate Marketing With Video: Video Equipment Needed

real estate marketing with video

Real estate marketing with video is the future. I have said it before. There are two kinds of real estate agents: those using video in their real estate business now and those that will be. Sure video is cool and fun but that is not why you will be using it in your real estate business, no, you will be using it because consumers prefer video. Not only do they prefer it, they are demanding it. Video says so much more than a picture or text ever could. Video is not only … [Read more...]

“Ahem, I Don’t Need A Door”

Get Found Online

So, if you have visited this website you know that I often talk about "stories". How they are a great way to convey information in a way that most people prefer. Done effectively, stories are engaging and interesting and certainly entertaining. I love stories. I love stories so much that I either begin or end each blog post I write with one. Today I would like to tell you a story about "why I don't need a door". Lets Back Up Ok, so let's back up about a year ago. I was … [Read more...]