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Will You Be Ready? The Return Of A “Traditional” Housing Market

Video thumbnail for youtube video Will You Be Ready? The Return Of A "Traditional" Housing Market - My Title Guy

Will you be ready? Remember the days when the Phoenix Housing market was crazy? I like to say "even a blind poodle could sell a home". Simply send a postcard with something clever on it like "everything I touch turns to SOLD" or "Don't Make A Move Without Me" and the phone would ring. Of course, it was not the postcard or even the clever tagline that was making the phone ring - it was the sales price listed on the front of the card itself. It turns out that it doesn't take a … [Read more...]

Subdivision Marketing. Subdivision Marketing Plan

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Ask anyone in the Phoenix Metro area where they live and they will likely give you the name of a subdivision. Not cross streets like Dobson and Germann but "Germann Country Estates". This is because [at least here in Arizona] we identify with the subdivision we live in, it says something about us. This behavior gives forward thinking real estate agents a great opportunity to not only get found online but also be the expert on a a given area. It's called subdivision marketing … [Read more...]

New Embedded YouTube Player Encourages Sharing And Engagement

Video thumbnail for youtube video New Embedded YouTube Player Encourages Sharing And Engagement - My Title Guy

It seems like every time I check my YouTube channel [which is a lot by the way] there is something new. Not surprising, YouTube and Google [YouTube's owner] have always been well above the curve in my opinion. The changes in my Youtube Channel may be in anticipation of YouTube's announcement at the Consumer Electronics Show in December 2011 that "90% of all traffic will be video". Regardless of their rationale, I am a fan - mostly anyway. [No more friends?] 2011 Changes To … [Read more...]

Phoenix Housing Market: Phoenix Prices Going Up 1% Per Week. Assemble The Right TEAM

Phoenix Housing Market

Phoenix Housing Market Explodes. Remember the old days in Phoenix? The old days when if you were looking for a Phoenix home for sale, you could take your sweet time? You remember don't you? Back when the Phoenix housing market was horrible, 80% of the deals in Phoenix were distressed sales - bank owned or short sale. There were deals everywhere, you could literally pick up a Phoenix home for sale for pennies on the dollar at the trustee sale. You may not remember the old … [Read more...]

Marketing Real Estate: IF You Wouldn’t – DON’T DO IT!

Marketing Real Estate

Have you ever seen a reality TV show where someone was embarrassed? You know, where someone says or does something so out of right field, something so rude, so crazy that you feel awkward - for them? Me too. It happens all the time. It happens when we imagine what it would be like if something was said or done to us. When we can put ourselves into someone else's shoes, someone else's mind, we can better understand them. One of the things I know is that we are all … [Read more...]

Protected: Marketing Real Estate: Screen Capture Video Marketing

Screen Capture Video

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Protected: 60 Real Estate Content Ideas

real estate content ideas

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What Are Your Rights When Your Arizona Home Is Sold At Trustee Sale?

rights after trustee sale Arizona

Bullying: It's Apparently Not Just At School Anymore. What are your rights after trustee sale in Arizona? Bullying:  a form of aggressive behavior manifested by the use of force or coercion to affect others, particularly when the behavior is habitual and involves an imbalance of power. It can include verbal harassment, physical assault or coercion and may be directed repeatedly towards particular victims, perhaps on grounds of race, religion,gender, sexuality, or … [Read more...]

Website Introduction Video: 5 Tips To Create A ROCKSTAR Website Intro


Right now there is a couple. They are in New York, Boston, Washington DC, Iowa, maybe even here in Phoenix, Arizona. They are considering moving. They are looking for information about buying or selling a home, short sale vs foreclosure, foreclosure avoidance programs etc. Before they call anyone, before they ask a friend before they DO anything they, like 94% of consumers will go to the Internet. This scenario plays itself out thousands and thousands of times every single … [Read more...]

Video Outline For Real Estate: How To Write A Video Outline

Intro, Body, CTA

Do you have a video outline for real estate? They say 80% of what we say is conveyed in not what we say but our body language. Think about that for a moment. If you are married [and I am so I certainly know this one] you may remember asking your wife: "Honey, what's wrong?" [wife's arms crossed - defensive] she says "I'm Fine". Is she fine? HELL NO! Doesn't matter how much she smiles how many times she says "go out with the guys - have a GREAT time" those 2 words many of us … [Read more...]