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Facebook Real Estate Marketing Strategy: Why Should I “Like” You?

Facebook Real Estate Marketing Strategy

Why Should I Like You?

So you have a Facebook fan page, great! What’s your Facebook Real Estate Marketing Strategy? “If you build it – he will come”? While this may have been true in “Field Of Dreams” it is not necessarily a reality when it comes to your Facebook fan page. So, if consumers are not going to automatically become a “fan” of you or your real estate business you will need some kind of Facebook real estate marketing strategy to not only get them there, but to get them to become a fan. Let’s talk about that.

Imagine for a minute you are a REALTOR®. Since we are only imagining let’s say you are a REALTOR® in Arizona, you have a Facebook fan page – how is that going for ya? Is it the end all – be all you may have been promised it would be? I’m guessing not. No, in reality, having a Facebook fan page means little with out a Facebook real estate marketing strategy to accompany it.

Facebook Real Estate Marketing Strategy: Here Is Mine

Many real estate professionals will measure their Facebook marketing success based upon the number of fans their page has. Why real estate peeps get so caught up in this stat is beyond me but I say –  it is irrelevant unless those fans are the “right fans”.  Follow me here. I have a Facebook fan page called MyTitleGuy, [big shock huh], before I created the page I thought about WHO I wanted to be fans of my page  and WHAT value I was going to offer them to do so. This was my Facebook real estate marketing strategy. I decided the value would be real estate marketing tips for REALTORS®, title reps and title companies. Things in the real estate marketing space that I saw real estate agents doing that made absolutely no sense to me. The vanity marketing, the airbrushed business cards, the billboards,  sports schedules, magnets, the expensive print real estate guides, the advertising on the back of grocery store receipts, the personalized and branded pens and pads, need I say more? 

I then started creating content on this website  [] for those I wanted to attract – real estate agents, REALTORS®, title reps, title companies – and then posted it on my Facebook fan page. The page began to grow in fans, rather “likes”.  Not just grow with fans but the right fans. The people I made the content for, my ideal client – the real estate agents, REALTORS®, title companies and title reps began finding and liking my page. They were liking it [I assume] so they would see the information I was posting on my Facebook page – automatically.

Facebook Real Estate Marketing Strategy: What Is Yours?

I just told you what my Facebook real estate marketing strategy is, what I post on my Facebook fan page, who I am trying to attract and who is “liking” my page. Who is “liking” yours? Why are they liking your page and are they the right kind of fan? I see some real estate peeps with 5000 fans and think WOW. . .until you really look and see the majority of the 5000 fans are [wait for it] other real estate agents – Ohhhhh!. To make matters worse, they are local real estate agents – now what is the point in that, surely this is not the right kind of fan.

A recent Facebook study by explored the reasons WHY consumers “like” a page, the results [not surprisingly] appear to be based around value – for the consumer.


Facebook Marketing Strategy


Facebook Real Estate Marketing Strategy: The Goal

What is your goal? Do you even have one? If your goal is to get business out of your Facebook fan page you will need to figure out who you are trying to attract to that page – who you want to be a fan of it. If you want to attract Canadiens looking to buy property in Arizona [a huge market  by the way] you will need to create and post  content that Canadiens looking to buy property in Arizona would look for. The content you would want to create on your real estate marketing website and post to your Facebook fan page  may be about:

  • Loan Types
  • Arizona Taxes
  • Buying process in Arizona
  • Exchange rate
  • Mortgage origination: should the mortgage be originated in Canada or Arizona
  • Duties of an Arizona REALTOR®
  • Arizona Property Taxes
  • Visa requirements
  • HB1 Visa
  • Climate
  • Things to do
  • Medical care/insurance etc
  • Vehicle Registration
  • The list goes on and on
Once you identify who you want to be fans of your page, you can then create content they would find value in. One thing though: There is an invisible social contract on Facebook. I provide real estate marketing and title marketing tips to my ideal client: real estate agents, REALTORS®, attorneys etc.. this is what they have come to expect, what my Facebook page is about. IF, I all of a sudden start posting content about cars, it will confuse my fan base and most likely result in less fans, which means less opportunities to engage which means less – business. That is why you are looking for a Facebook real estate marketing strategy – correct?

The invisible social contract says this: I signed up to be a fan of your page for the benefit of [real estate marketing tips, Canadian Buying Information, Short Sale, REO, what ever that is], as long as you don’t violate that social contract – as long as you give me the information your promised – we are fine. BUT, once you violate that contract by providing info I don’t care about and didn’t ask for – I’m outa here.

Ultimately, you need to give your ideal client, Canadian Investors, Canadian home buyers and sellers, etc a reason to “like” you. You can do this by providing value.  IN my opinion, Value is the ultimate Facebook Real Estate Marketing Strategy. Now that you know how I use Facebook to grow my business, check this post out to see How Not To Use Facebook

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