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Benefits Of Skype In Real Estate

Benefits Of Skype In Real Estate

The other day I was talking to an Arizona REALTORĀ® about technology. In my new capacity as the Director Of Sales Technology for Grand Canyon Title, I deal a lot with technology. Not just technology but sales technology - technology tools that can be used for the benefit of real estate sales. There are a lot of them. Let's see, there is WordPress, HootSuite, YouTube, GetFoundIDX, Camtasia, ScreenFlow, Jing, Twitter, Linkedin, Evernote, final cut X and on and on and on. In … [Read more...]

Give People What They Want! They Won’t Wait For You

Give People What They Want

I got home from work today {Friday} when my wife asked me "did you have a chance to go to the bank today?" Crap! I totally forgot all about it. I needed to get a cashiers check and I - being Stephen - totally spaced it. It was 5:15 pm. I wondered, is my bank - Arizona Federal Credit Union still open? So what do you think I did? Yep - I went online. Not to Arizona Federal's website {that would take too long} I asked Google. Arizona-Federal-Hours. Google dumped me right back … [Read more...]

Protected: How To: Install EmbedPlus Player For WordPress

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This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below: Password: … [Read more...]

Video Marketing Tips: EmbedPlus Enhances Consumer Engagement

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OK, Want a video marketing tip? I have told you before - there are two types of real estate agents, those that are using video in their real estate business and those that will be. I believe this. I believe it because I know what I prefer and I [like you] am a consumer. I believe 2012 will be the year real estate peeps across the country and certainly Arizona - if I have anything to say about it - will jump on video like a fat kid on cake, not because it's cool or sexy [it is … [Read more...]

Real Estate Resolutions: My 8 Year Old Did It – So Does Everyone Else

Video thumbnail for youtube video Real Estate Resolutions: My 8 Year Old Did It - So Does Everyone Else - My Title Guy

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas, while I am on it - Happy Hanukkah, Kwanza,- happy - whatever it is you celebrate during this time of the year. If you are like me, you are finally beginning to recover from the calorie intoxication I subjected myself to on Christmas Eve and Day - I feel so slooooooooooooow. As I am apologizing to my body - because it is obviously pissed at me - I am already thinking about the new year. That means Real Estate Resolutions. Resolutions are … [Read more...]

Using Hyperlocal Real Estate Marketing To Compete With The Top Real Estate Websites

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I was cruising my Twitter feed last night when I came across a tweet from a real estate agent. The tweet - an article from Inman featuring a list of the top 20 real estate websites for the month of November 2011. The real estate agent was tweeting it out for informational purposes {I'm sure} but it struck me - how screwed most real estate agents really are when it comes to competing online for real estate consumers. Here is what I mean 94% of consumers are starting … [Read more...]

The Best Real Estate Marketing: The Visual Story

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When I was a little boy, there are 2 things I loved. Candy [really all food - look at me] and story time. My dad would put my brother and I in bed, tuck us in [reaaaaaaaaal tight], pull up a chair and read us - a bedtime story. He was good at it too. "and then the big bear said roaaaaaaaar" he would say. I remember the bedtime story because it was a time to imagine. To focus on my dad and what he was saying. Stories are very powerful in that way. So why aren't you using … [Read more...]

Improving Customer Service and Brand Experience: With TWITTER

Hook a brother up Santa!

Maaaaaan If I had a dollar for as many times as I have heard real estate peeps say "Twitter is dumb" I'd be rich, well I would have had a few more Grande Skinny Vanilla Latte's from Starbucks any way. How quick we are to discount or discourage something we don't understand. Let me tell you a story.... {dream sequence} It was a cold December 7th - a Wednesday I believe. I was cruising my Twitter feed, catching up with what the Twitterverse has been up to. In the spirit … [Read more...]

Real Estate Videos You Don’t Have To Be In: Google Search Stories

YouTube Search Stories

Today I am starting another series called "Real Estate Videos You Don't Have To Be In". This series will focus on - well, videos you don't have to be in. I love real estate marketing with video. I think it says so much more than traditional real estate mediums [email, print, postcards, flyers, pens pads, shopping carts, billboards etc] ever could. There are many benefits of real estate marketing with video. Still, many REALTORSĀ® I speak with are [for whatever reason] … [Read more...]

FREE Video Editing Software: Wondershare

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Hooray it's Christmas! And what better way to celebrate the upcoming holiday than to give! Some of us will choose to give to the bell ringers outside our favorite mall or store, others will give their time to soup kitchens and other volunteer organizations and still others will give away FREE video editing software. The next time you are outside your favorite store you will likely see someone ringing a bell asking for your loose change, you can [wait - what? ..... say more … [Read more...]