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YouTube Introduces New Analytics. Holy Data Batman!

YouTube Analytics

2012 will be the year that real estate professionals across the county will be realizing the power of using video in real estate marketing. 3 years ago every where I turned I heard Facebook this, Facebook that - today the 2 syllable marketing powerhouse face book is being replaced by another, one that I believe offers significant more benefit in the real estate space- You Tube. If you follow my blog, my YouTube Channel my Twitter or have come to one of my Phoenix video … [Read more...]

Protected: How I Would Get The Listing 72.9% Of The Time IF I Was A REALTOR®

video marketing real estate

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below: Password: … [Read more...]

How I Would Steal Their Business. An Insiders Guide To Video Real Estate Marketing

Video Marketing In Real Estate

If I was a REALTOR®, I would write this post. . . . to them, my competition.  :roll: Pretty ballsy headline right? Never the less it is true. I am going to steal their business. I am a REALTOR® and "they" are my competition. I realize they are probably shaking their heads right now thinking "who the hell does this guy think he is saying he is going to steal my business!, He doesn't even know me!" Well, let me say that I do - know them. Here is what I know about MOST real … [Read more...]

Search the MLS like a REALTOR! Unique Selling Propositions Gone Bad

Search The MLS Like a REALTOR

It happened again. Another email with absolutely no value for me [or any consumer really] from a real estate agent I don't know and [judging from his marketing] no one else will either. His message of value? "Search The MLS Like A REALTOR®!". Did you get the exclamation point? If not, here is another for you [!]. I shook my head - thinking WHHHHHY?. Here is why. [inhale] Most consumers do not see any real benefit is searching this thing called "the MLS", nor do they see … [Read more...]

Caution REALTORS®: Thinking You Know It All Can Cost You

Real Estate Video Marketing

Sayings. We love them. "a rolling stone gathers no moss", "what you don't know can't hurt you", "those that live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones", "every dog has his day", I could go on and on and on and - well, you get the point. Let me add another "saying" to the mix - this one is absolutely true: "Thinking you know it all can cost you". Let me explain. Yesterday, (Thursday) I taught a video class "How To Use Video In Your Real Estate Business" at a local Keller … [Read more...]

Gilbert, Arizona. Welcome To Gilbert Arizona

Video thumbnail for youtube video Gilbert, Arizona. Welcome To Gilbert Arizona - My Title Guy

Looking for a great town to call home? Well, look no further than Gilbert, Arizona. Only 22 miles southeast of Phoenix, Arizona you will find the town of Gilbert. The town of Gilbert is named after William Gilbert who offered his land to the railroad. Soon, William Gilbert had customers coming right up to his property to buy his crops. Eventually the town of Gilbert, Arizona was established after him. Gilbert  Arizona Population The 2010 census shows Gilbert Arizona's … [Read more...]

Google + Introduces YouTube Slider. Google + Just Got “Stickier”

New On Google +

So I was exploring Google + today, updating my business page, [hopefully you knew you can set up a business page on Google + now] when I noticed something a little out of place. I thought "hmm I wonder why that is there?". "That" is a YouTube Logo to the right of the screen in Google + when reviewing your stream. Rather conspicuous, it stuck out like a sore thumb, just begging to be clicked on. So. . .I did. It's called YouTube Slider How YouTube Slider … [Read more...]

Phoenix, Arizona. Why Move To Phoenix

Video thumbnail for youtube video Phoenix, Arizona. Why Move To Phoenix - My Title Guy

Since you are reading this there is a good chance you are like my parents. My parents, Roger and Chris - "Hi Mom and Dad!" left Upstate New York four years ago for the warmth of Phoenix, Arizona. The cold, windchill, lake effect snow, ever increasing property taxes, lack of jobs, social programs and the fact that I relocated to Phoenix Arizona almost 12 years ago was good enough reason for them to relocate as well. Did I mention grandkids? No, it turns out I was not their … [Read more...]

Chandler, Arizona. A Great Place To Call Home

Video thumbnail for youtube video Chandler, Arizona. A Great Place To Call Home - My Title Guy

Looking for a great place to call home? Then look no further than Chandler, Arizona. Located just 22 miles southeast of Phoenix, Arizona you will find the city of Chandler. The city of Chandler is named after Dr. Alexander John Chandler, who in 1891 bought 80 acres of land from the government south of Mesa, Arizona. This land later became Chandler, Arizona. Chandler is one of the 7 cities that make up the south east valley. The other cities include Apache Junction, Gilbert, … [Read more...]

Using Video In Real Estate: It’s Not As Hard As You Think

Video thumbnail for youtube video Using Video In Real Estate: It's Not As Hard As You Think - My Title Guy

Ok, OK, OK, I am not here to beat you up again. I know - you will use video in your real estate marketing when you are good and ready. OK. So. . .how are you? And the kids? How bout that NY Giants game the other day... did you see when. . . .  COME ON! Why aren't you using video in real estate yet? Look, I get it. It's intimidating, and hard and confusing and expensive and not fun and on and on and on. Well. . .I am here to tell you that using video in real estate doesn't … [Read more...]