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Forced Registration: Are You Are Pissing Off 90% Of Your Website Visitors


Let's play a game. You are recently married. You and your spouse live in the Phoenix Metro area, you live in an apartment. Like so many other couples you want your slice of the American dream - a home, white picket fence and all. The apartment you are renting now is small, and dirty, and loud, and a waste. The definition of Functional Obsolescence would have a picture of your apartment. You cringe every time you write that check for $800, $900 maybe even $1200 - for … [Read more...]

Why I’m Branching Out Without BranchOut

Delete Branchout

Why I'm branching out, without BranchOut It's happening again. Another service that was probably a good idea at one point is being ruined again. Ruined by [some] real estate agents intent on spamming other people's facebook wall with requests of endorsements and/or connections. First it was LinkedIn, then it was now it's BranchOut. For the love of unicorns, mermaids [mermaids was Anthony's idea] and puppies - Oh My Gawd - Please … [Read more...]

The Truth About Real Estate Sales: People Don’t Like To Be Sold To

real estate sales and marketing

Sales or Marketing? Which one should come first? If you are a real estate agent, sales and marketing should be nothing new to you. You already know you need to market to get to the point of making a sale - Right? It's HOW you market that I would like to discuss in this post. In my 10 years in the title biz I have always held a position of sales and marketing. That position normally had a title before it, depending on the company and their sales philosophy it ranged from … [Read more...]

Senate Bill 133 Is A Title Rep’s Best Friend. Here’s Why

Marketing Title

Thaaaaat's right, I said it. SB 133 is a California title rep's best friend. And I mean it. Here's why. Today I received a call from a title rep in California, smart guy, been in the title business for over 20 years, let's call him "Doug". "Doug" like so many other title reps, title companies, attorneys and real estate agents found me online. He went to a search engine like Google and asked it a question. Like other consumers he did this for one of two reasons, 1). to … [Read more...]

Video For Real Estate Agents: Phoenix Classes Announced

Video thumbnail for youtube video Video For Real Estate Agents: Phoenix Classes Announced - My Title Guy

Are you using video in your real estate marketing yet? I believe you will be. Not because it's cool or sexy [it is by the way] but because your ideal clients - home buyers and sellers - are demanding it. Given the choice, which would you prefer, 35 pictures of a home you are considering buying or a 2-3 minute video? See what I mean. If a picture can say 1000 words, a video can say a million. This can be good and bad. There is a right way and a wrong way to use video for … [Read more...]

Using Compelling Calls To Action In Real Estate Marketing

Call To Action

We were at lunch. Charleston's in Mesa AZ. I was a title rep and he was a top producing REALTOR® at a national brokerage. It was an appointment that was a long time in the making. I had been trying to set an appointment with him for some time. I had called him, emailed him, posted on his Facebook wall, I would have Tweeted him if he had an account - he didn't. Let's call him "Paul". I tried everything. Paul never responded to anything I did. In frustration I spoke … [Read more...]

Real Estate Marketing Tips: My Interview With Dan Sfera

Video thumbnail for youtube video Real Estate Marketing Tips: My Interview With Dan Sfera - My Title Guy

It started with a RT. In 2011 more and more of us are meeting, not in person but on Twitter. "RT@TheRealDanSfera [my article]". I thought, "cool, I wonder who this guy is". I had never heard of him, his name did not sound familiar, curiosity got the best of me. I opened Hootsuite for iPhone and clicked his Twitter handle. @TheRealDanSfera. He didn't look familiar. His profile said he is not a REALTOR®, Real estate Agent, Attorney, Title Company or Title Rep. He is … [Read more...]

Marketing REALTORS: What Title Reps Can Learn From IBM and KODAK

Title Rep Marketing

Blockbuster Video, Empire Records, Broadcast News what do they have in common? When I was a kid, I loved movie night - Fridays. My father traveled a lot for business so on Friday's my brother and I got mom's homemade pizza and a movie. That movie always came from one place - Blockbuster Video. I could not imagine why that would change. When I got older, my parents let me venture past my neighborhood, as long as I had my best friend Jonathan with me. Like many … [Read more...]

Real Estate Marketing Strategies: Don’t Be A Victim Of Hindsight

Video thumbnail for youtube video Real Estate Marketing Strategies: Don't Be A Victim Of Hindsight - My Title Guy

"If I had only known. . ." if you are like most people you have said this little gem hundreds of times. World English Dictionary lists hindsight as — n 1. the ability to understand, after something has happened, what should have been done or what caused the event We see hindsight everywhere. Our personal relationships, professional - literally, everywhere. If I had only known, I wouldn't have done this or that. The world would be such an easier place to live IF we … [Read more...]

12 Real Estate Blog Posts You Should Write Immediately

real estate blog post ideas

Got a real estate blog? If so, you already know the value of getting "found" online. Hopefully you are in the 20%  10% of real estate agents that are actually using it regularly. The 80/20 rule is more like 90/10 in regards to REALTORS® that actively blog. Every real estate agent I speak with wants more business - but many don't realize the path of least resistance is tied to their real estate blog. That being said, here are 12 real estate blog posts you should write … [Read more...]