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Key To Success In Real Estate: The Key To Failure

Key To Success Real Estate

If you have been in real estate for any significant period of time you have heard it hundreds if not, thousands of times. From your broker, your sales coach, other real estate agents, title reps, the loan officer that wants your business, guru's, and on and on. Everyone has an opinion [of course theirs sounds like a fact] about this: The key to success in real estate. If you only do THIS or you only do THAT or buy THIS or THAT - YOU will be a success. People make a living, … [Read more...]

Facebook For Real Estate Agents. What’s a “toss” and why should I care?

Video thumbnail for youtube video Facebook For Real Estate Agents. What's a "toss" and why should I care? - My Title Guy

"What's a toss?" A real estate agent asked me today. "Toss, like to throw something you mean" I asked? "No", she said, "I don't think so anyway". Flashing back to my childhood, asking my father the meaning of a word, I said what he would say to me: "use it in a sentence.". "A real estate agent got kicked off of facebook for violating something called toss" she said. "Oh, TOS as in Terms Of Service!" "Yes". she said, "what is that?" I asked for more information. "What did … [Read more...]

Why I Unfriended You

Facebook Unfriend

DANGER WILL ROBINSON. WARNING: THIS IS A RANT. PROCEED WITH CAUTION. Ah, you noticed. I unfriended you. Yep, it was me. I should have done it a long time ago, this wasn't the first time you did something stupid, merely the last thing in a long line of what I like to call - ass clown. I'm talking about your activity on facebook. I had a good day today. A great Sunday. I watched my New York Giants crush their rival Philadelphia Eagles [take that Anthony!!], I took my … [Read more...]

Marketing To Home Sellers

Video thumbnail for youtube video Marketing To Home Sellers - My Title Guy

Marketing To Home Sellers is the old saying "List To Last". That is what they say. "They" is the establishment of the real estate industry. Sale trainers, brokers, team leaders, guru's etc. They will tell you "if you want to Last in Real Estate Sales You Need To List" - Homes. Home Sellers Marketing Real Estate Marketing has changed. The days of slamming a neighborhood or geographic area with your corny, worthless - no value flyers and postcards are over. At least they … [Read more...]

Real Estate Marketing Video. The Art Of The Story

Video thumbnail for youtube video Real Estate Marketing Video. The Art Of The Story - My Title Guy

YES! This is another of my posts about real estate marketing video. Are you using it yet? Come on, what is holding you back? I know, maybe your existing real estate marketing is working wonders for you. If this is the case, awesome - keep it up. But if not, then maybe you should look at changing things up some, with real estate marketing video. Today is Monday, and I am feeling particularly good. I had a great weekend. In addition to spending some much needed quality time … [Read more...]

Protected: Real Estate Video Marketing. HOW TO Use Video In Your Real Estate Business

Video For Real Estate

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Protected: HOW TO Optimize YouTube Video. 6 Steps To Optimizing Video

YouTube Video Optimization

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YouTube Real Estate Marketing Success Is Not Measured In VIEWS

Real Estate Marketing YouTube

Today I taught another real estate marketing class for real estate professionals in the Phoenix area - Surprise to be exact. What was a "surprise "is how damn far the City of Surprise is away from my home in Chandler - 47 miles! Today's real estate marketing class was at WEMAR. ┬áThis real estate marketing class was all about the new paradigm in real estate marketing. Getting found online compared to spraying consumers with a message they did not ask for and most likely could … [Read more...]

Lack Of Communication Is Number 1 Complaint Of Real Estate Agents

lack of comminication

Have you ever had one of those moments where you said "ah, now I get it?" Well I have had one recently and I would like to tell you all about it. I would like you to know about it because I believe it presents a teachable moment for you as a real estate agent from a consumer [me]. As you may already know, I am a former title rep. I spent 10 years in the title industry. In those 10 years I have seen a lot. I've seen the married couple come in to a title company excited about … [Read more...]

Real Estate Videos: How To Tell If Your Real Estate Videos Stink

Video For Real Estate

Real estate marketing is changing in response to a massive shift in consumer behavior. The old days of real estate marketing, staples like direct mail, post cards, TV, radio, flyers, [deep breath in] door to door, pop bye's, print real estate books, cold calls, billboards, shopping carts, branded pens, calendars, sports schedules, pads and fly swatters [to name a few] are quickly being replaced by staples of new real estate marketing: websites, SEO, SEM, content, keyword … [Read more...]