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9 Online Marketing Habits Of Highly Ineffective Real Estate Agents

Online Marketing For Real EstateWhat makes one real estate agent “win” and another “lose”? What makes one real estate agent succeed and another “fail”. Habits. Good or “effective” habits will put you in a position to win and bad or “ineffective” habits will put you on a slow path to failure. One of the fastest ways to win or lose in the real estate space is with the Internet. Use it the right way and you set yourself up for success, use it the wrong way or not at all and you set your self up for failure. Let’s look at 9 online marketing habits of highly ineffective real estate agents.

Real Estate Agent Website

Highly Ineffective Real Estate Agents have a website – that does not generate any leads. Many have company sponsored websites on subdomains or template websites with horrible IDX solutions. Real estate is one of the most competitive industries on or offline, It’s no longer good enough to have a template website on a subdomain, with a poor URL structure, poor page titles that is not optimized and has the same content as everyone else.

Highly Effective real estate agents have a properly optimized website they own on a URL they own. Why build someone else’s internet presence when you can build your own?

Social Media

Highly Ineffective Real Estate Agents have social media tools like facebook and twitter and use them the wrong way. They have been to enough classes to know they should have a social media presence but they use it incorrectly. Instead of fostering engagement that creates communication and leads they use their social media channels as launching pads for the latest – greatest real estate listing alienating most of their “friends” or followers.

Highly Effective real estate agents use social media tools to create conversations to educate the consumer. Effective real estate agents also use social media tools to drive qualified traffic back to their websites AKA their HUB.

Poor or No Content

Highly Ineffective Real Estate Agents create content on their websites that no one is looking for. Way Too many real estate agents make the mistake of talking about themselves instead of addressing the consumers problems or offering solutions to their problems. Information like why they are such great real estate agents. They also copy content from other websites verbetim which offers no seo value.

Highly Effective real estate agents create unique, engaging and valuable content their ideal client would look for online when attempting to solve a problem or gather information about buying or selling a home.


Highly Ineffective Real Estate Agents talk waaaaaaay to much about themselves in their real estate marketing. “I’m great, I’m the best, I have this and that designation, I sell more homes than anyone else”. Who cares? Real estate agents that talk solely about themselves are likely only talking to – themselves.

Effective real estate agents create content designed to add value or educate the consumer. Great content get’s found online poor content – doesn’t.

No Target

Highly Ineffective Real Estate Agents do not know who they are targeting. How can you possibly create a successful marketing campaign if you don’t know who you are talking to? Failure to target a specific segment or niche of the real estate market will lead to lack of focus, burnout, poor or NO results.

Highly Effective real estate agents know exactly who they want to do business with. Investors, buyers, sellers, 1st time home buyers etc. They create content their targets would look for online and speak directly with them on their articles and videos.


Highly Ineffective Real Estate Agents don’t do research. Who is your ideal client? If you could do business with anyone, who would it be? Too many real estate agents cannot answer this basic question. If you do not know what your ideal client looks for online you cannot craft marketing messages for them to “find” when they have a need for your products or services.

Highly Effective real estate agents use Google’s Keyword Tool, Wonder Wheel, Market Samuari, Word Tracker etc. to discover what and how often consumers look for that keyword or keyword phrase online

No Value Proposition

Highly Ineffective Real Estate Agents don’t state their value proposition. One of the most difficult things to come up with is your own value. You can probably list the value propositions of most of your vendors – title, lending, inspecting, pest control etc. You know exactly why you choose to work with your vendors. What is your value? Why should a consumer choose to work with you over the thousands of other real estate agents in your market? You provide great service is not a benefit to the consumer it is an expectation. Find out what makes you different than your competitors and speak on it son!

Highly Effective real estate agents state how they will provide value to their ideal client. “I will provide you a list of bank owned homes, or an ebook about buying or selling a home in Phoenix or Atlanta or Orlando and what it means to the consumer. Highly effective real estate agents don’t allow consumers to define value – they state it.

Not Having A Hub

Highly Ineffective Real Estate Agents don’t use their websites as a hub. A hub is a place when people naturally come together. Much like a major airport in Atlanta or New York where people travel to catch another flight to another destination. Many real estate agents don’t use their websites as a hub. Missing out on key opportunities to state your value and convert prospects into clients.

Highly Effective real estate agents drive all of their marketing efforts [on and offline] to their websites. All of your real estate marketing should converge on your website or landing pages. Use facebook, twitter, youtube, stumbleupon to direct traffic back to your hub – your website. This is where they can learn more about you, your value, and valuable information like the buying or selling process, short sale, bank owned and of course – search for homes for sale.

No Calls To Action

Highly Ineffective Real Estate Agents do not understand the sales process and therefor don’t understand good calls to action. What do you want the consumer to do when they arrive at your website? Request a comparative market analysis? Call you? Email you? Fill out a form? Download an ebook? Ineffective real estate agents don’t ask for the business.

Highly Effective real estate agents carefully craft calls to action to get their ideal client to DO something.

So are you a highly ineffective or ineffective online marketer? I just gave you 10 ways to increase your real estate business. I did not pull them out of the air nor do I believe they work in theory. Every single one of them [and some I didn’t list here. ..wink] are part of my ow process to get found online my my ideal client. My target is rather small in the grand scheme of things – real estate agents and title companies – yours is absolutely massive. There are hundreds of thousands, even millions of consumers looking for homes for sale right now. You can help them find you and convert them into clients if you are willing to implement the changes above into your real estate business. Want help? Fill out the form below – let’s talk about how I can help you get found online by the 94% of consumers that start their home search online. Notice the call to action. . .

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