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How Google Plus Can Grow Your Real Estate Business

google plus for realtors

Google Plus! I know, I know, it’s just another social network of which there are a billion. Let’s see. . .there is facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Hi5, flickr, digg and a billion others that are trying to enter the social networking space. If you are like many real estate agents I have spoken with you may have the attitude of “I’m not joining Google Plus, I have facebook!” This is definitely a valid point. I mean who in their right mind would want ANOTHER social network to manage? Me that’s who and any real estate agent serious about getting found online when a consumer is looking on the Internet for your product or service better get serious about it too. Here is why.

First of all, what is Google plus? That’s simple and not so simple. Google Plus is Google’s answer to Facebook. It is a social networking site where you can make connections and share information with other people online. How is that different than Facebook? Great question. It’s not. And it is. Confusing huh. Well, if you want to connect with friends and family and share with them the latest dancing dog or parrot on a skateboard, you can do that on Facebook and Google Plus. If you want to build lists of people you want to communicate and share things with you can do that on Facebook and Google Plus. If you want to share pictures of that AMAZING dinner you had last night, you know where your spouse surprised you and took you to the most expensive restaurant in town [which you couldn’t wait to share – hey look at me!] you can do that on Facebook and Google Plus. If you want to get found online by consumers looking for your products and services at the exact moment that they are interested in learning about them you can do that on – Google Plus. What happened to facebook you might ask? Exactly.

Facebook is primarily a social network. Google Plus is a social network as well but it can help you get found online. Here’s what I mean. Lets play a game. Let’s say I have a WordPress website like oh, let’s say this one. And let’s say on my WordPress website I have a Google + 1 button or widget [like I do] and let’s say, through my content marketing [that’s where I am creating content on my website for consumers to find through search engines]  someone named DALE asks Google a question about title company marketing and lands on my article called “Marketing Title – The Emergence Of The Beta Rep“.  Let’s say DALE reads my article AND is so impressed with my writing ability or the value he got out of my article [hopefully he did] that he hits the Google Plus 1 button. Still with me? Ok so to recap:

  • DALE asked Google a question title companies
  • DALE  clicked on my Marketing Title article
  • DALE reads said article AND LOVES IT! [Hopefully]
  • DALE hits the Google plus 1 button
Still with me? OK, so DALE has just Plus one’d my website. Now let’s say DALE has a Google Plus profile like  20+ million other people already do and let’s say DALE has a friend named BILL who owns a title company . Like so many other title companies, BILL is searching online for  ways to grow his title business.  What will BILL see in the Search Results? Well, he will see the standard 10 positions on the 1st page of Google and a plethora of paid ads on the right side. But there is something else  BILL will see.  BILL will see that his friend – his buddy, DALE +1’d my website. From here let’s go into the principles behind the book Purple Cow by Seth Godin. If you have read the book “Purple Cow” you know that Seth or Mr Godin [he is the man] advocates being different in your marketing – standing out from the crowd  like . . .a PURPLE COW. All those links look exactly the same don’t they? They are all links with a description EXCEPT mine. My link has a description as well but it also has a plus 1 next to it with a picture of BILL’s buddy DALE!
Google Plus Search results

Hey, Thats My Buddy DALE, BILL says!


Which one would you click on? Pretty cool huh. BILL is looking for information surrounding Title Company Marketing and Google returned search results with his buddy DALE in them and this helps ME stand out. OK, so why is this happening? Because Google is showing BILL personalized results because BILL is logged into his Google account. Google is now showing us who is connected. Many people believe this is the future of search – SOCIAL SEARCH. But there is another benefit of Google Plus that Facebook and other social networks cannot compete with.  Google is going to show my site on the 1st page of Google because BILL’s buddy DALE +1’d my website and BILL and DALE are connected. So what this means is a keyword like “title company marketing” or “Arizona real estate” or “Phoenix Real Estate” is very difficult to rank for in the search engines but because I have connections on Google Plus, Google is going to bump me up over everyone else and show my listings to other people.

So to the people that have 5000 friends on Facebook I say “That’s So Great!” But can it help you get found online? [crickets]. Now the amount and quality of connections you have on Google plus, the number of people you have in your circles can help you get found online – resulting in more opportunities to do business. So, what should you do? Well the game of getting found has not changed. As a real estate professional you still need to create content that your ideal client would want to read, content that they would find valuable, content they would want to share. Content they would want to Plus 1. Stop writing so much for search engines like this

Ahwatukee Homes For Sale are great and  Ahwatukee Homes For Sale are affordable and  Ahwatukee Homes For Sale  are pretty and  Ahwatukee Homes For Sale are in high demand. 

and start writing for humans. Questions? Want help growing your real estate or title business? Fill out the form below.

Oh and please +1 this article if you got any value out of it or connect with me on Google +

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