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How To Add Google +1 and Google + Buttons To Your WordPress Website

Add Google + Button To WordPresssGoogle Plus has receiving so much attentionĀ  lately, in fact there is debate as to whether or not it is a facbook killer, some say it is another social fad some say it is the real deal that will not only change social networking but SEO as Google has and continues to change its algorithm to be more social. Personally I like Google + more than facebook, right now anyway,as businesses and brands have not entered the fold which means no selling, Yet – Yea!

I like Google plus, in fact I think it is a better platform for those that really want to be social yet control what their friends can and cannot see. Google plus allows me to “start over” if you will and actually control who I am friends with and what they can and cannot have access to. I proclaimed This Time I Am Doing It Differently.

When it comes to getting found online, Google+ is a great asset for real estate agents partly because of it’s exploding user count and easy to understand sharing tools.

How To Add The +1 Button To Your WordPress Website

The Google + button is an awesome way to promote your engaging real estate content to the over 94% of consumers that start their home search online. Notice I said “engaging”, as in the kind of stuff humans want to read not search engines. Note: consumers don’t always like to read about your listings, designations or why you are the best real estate agent in the universe. The Google +1 button gets more traffic to your website: When you press Google +1 button, your content will be visible to everyone in your profile. Your friends now get a chance to read the content and click on the Google +1 button. This brings more traffic to your blog or website. Adding the +1 button to your WordPress website only takes a few minutes and works with your Google profile.


Add Google +1 Button

Here is How To Add To Add The Google +1 button to your website. You simply copy and paste the code into your WordPress website and BAM!


How To Add The Google + Profile Button To Your WordPress Website

To add the Google + button to your WordPress website you simply follow the instructions at Google’s Webmaster Tools Help. Simply copy the URL from your Google + profile, paste it into the profile URL box, select the size of + button you would like, copy and paste the code into your WordPress website. BAM!

Add Google + Button To WordPress Website

I installed my profile button in my banner but you can install it anywhere you would like. Already on Google +? Click The Banner Below To Connect With Me

MyTitleGuy Google +

And there you have it. Google + is fact becoming a force to be reckoned with, its important to share content that your friends would find interesting and engaging – that is not always real estate listings.

If you are looking for an awesome WordPress website that works and the training to learn how to use it in your real estate business check out PRO-Found Marketing. We help PRO-fessionals get “found” online.

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