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Foreclosure Process Arizona – What You Need To Know

Foreclosure Process ArizonaDid you know you have to move out of your Arizona home after you miss your 4th mortgage payment? What about, that you won’t EVER be able to buy another home with an FHA loan after a foreclosure? Relax, neither of these statements are true, not even close to it but some Arizona consumers facing foreclosure may believe them. Why? Because there is so much bad, misleading and poor information making its rounds about the Foreclosure Process In Arizona.

So what is the Foreclosure Process In Arizona? What really happens? What are the timelines? And who can or should you ask for information? Your neighbor? Real Estate agent, loan officer? Your best friends-sisters-cousin who knows someone that went through a foreclosure-so-he-knows? NO. Often times the best person to ask these kind of questions is someone intimately familiar with the Arizona Foreclosure Process – an Arizona real estate attorney or attorney firm. This is because there are many moving parts to a your mortgage, the lender or servicer. When a consumer reaches out to me through my website, phone call or email I refer them to Thomson Law PLC. Neil Thomson and Kevin Hardin have a proven track record of helping Arizona Consumers Understand and oftentimes avoid the Foreclosure Process In Arizona. Take a look at the video below for a better understanding of the Arizona Foreclosure Process. In it Kevin Hardin discusses common myths related to the Arizona Foreclosure Process, the time line and what happens if your home is sold at trustee sale.

Once taboo, the “F word” – Foreclosure is unfortunately quite common. There are many Arizona homeowners facing foreclosure that would benefit from talking with a professional that can properly advise them. Visit Thomson Law’s website at for more information about the Arizona Foreclosure Process.


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