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Real Estate: Agents Public Perception VS Value

real estate agent perception vs value

I was surfing online the other day when I came upon a July 2011 article written by Freakonomics titled "Want to Jump-Start the Housing Market? Get Rid of the Realtors!" it certainly got my attention. Freakonomics, is a series of books, movies, radio shows, lectures and blogs that essentially evaluate the hidden costs of everything. This article was about real estate, specifically - real estate agents. In the article, the authors discussed a 52 page paper by Panle Jia Barwick … [Read more...]


How NOT To Use Social Media

<RANT> The Story Grrrrr It happened again. The MEDIA in SOCIAL MEDIA. Tell me if this sounds familiar. I'm working away, minding my own business when my Echofon [Twitter client] alerts me to another follower on Twitter. I take a look, I hope this person that decided to follow "MyTitleGuy" has something interesting to say or is following me because we are in the same round about profession - real estate, lending, title, marketing, that kind of stuff. To my pleasant … [Read more...]

A Great Way NOT To Grow Your Real Estate Business


Internet marketing real estate is here to stay. If you are a real estate professional it is your new reality. There is no going back. There is a right way and a wrong way to get found online. Let's talk about How Not To Grow Your Real Estate Business. Imagine for a moment you are in the market for a new car. Since we are imagining, let's say it's a LEXUS GS300. Seems like everywhere you go you see it,¬† On your way to work. On your way home. At the grocery store. At the … [Read more...]

Real Estate Videos 10 Tips To Video Marketing Success

Tips For Using Video in Real Estate Marketing

If a picture says 1000 words how many does a video say? 2000? 200,000? 2,000,000? I guess it depends on WHO your target market is. Real estate agents and real estate marketing is traditionally slow to change. Don't ask me why, I just work here. It's hard to believe that only 5 short years ago most real estate agents didn't have a website. Today, when I come across a real estate agent without a website I think "daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn, they still make you?" My name is Stephen … [Read more...]

Single Property Websites – Do They Work?

Single Property Real Estate Websites

It's a question I get quite a lot from real estate professionals not just in Phoenix but around the country. Do single property sites work? The short answer is YES. Everything works [in some way] online, if you are doing the right things in the right way targeting the right consumers with unique, dynamic, engaging and valuable content. Single property sites work IF you are trying to target potential home buyers driving a geographic area. They can simply pull up to the … [Read more...]

How To Add Google +1 and Google + Buttons To Your WordPress Website

Add Google +1 Button

Google Plus has receiving so much attention¬† lately, in fact there is debate as to whether or not it is a facbook killer, some say it is another social fad some say it is the real deal that will not only change social networking but SEO as Google has and continues to change its algorithm to be more social. Personally I like Google + more than facebook, right now anyway,as businesses and brands have not entered the fold which means no selling, Yet - Yea! I like Google plus, … [Read more...]

An EPIC battle of Rolls: Sushi Rolls

Sushi Scottsdale

There is a battle brewing. It's not in Pakistan or Libya it's in Scottsdale, Arizona. It's an EPIC battle over rolls - Sushi Rolls. In a saturated market like Scottsdale it's hard to stand out if you are a restaurant. Scottsdale is a place where a restaurant's survival has just as much to do with ambiance and chic as it does the food. So how do you stand out in an environment where the cool factor is alive and well? How do you let consumers know that your Sushi restaurant … [Read more...]

Marketing Title: The Year The S%*t Hit The Fan

There is a storm a-brewin'. No, that is not a typo, it's the closest a guy from New York can get to a western accent. A-brewin'. I started in the title industry back in 2000. Things were different then and boy have things changed. If you are a title rep, ask your sales manager what the good old days were like - and yes, they were the good old days. Here in Phoenix, I bet there were not more that 40 title companies back in 2000, fast forward to 2006 - there were over 100, fast … [Read more...]

17,000 Reasons To Change Your Real Estate Marketing

July and it's hot here in Phoenix. 108 today - in the shade. You know what else is hot? Our real estate market. Homes are flying off of the multiple listing service at a record pace. Today, there are approximately 20,000 properties for sale. That may sound like a lot but when you compare it to the 50,000 properties that were on the Multiple Listing Service a few years ago you begin to realize - Houston. . .we have a problem. Many of the real estate agents I speak with are … [Read more...]

Arizona Trustee Sales – Arizona Foreclosure Auctions

Arizona Foreclosure Auctions

Depending on who you ask, the real estate bubble bursting is either a good thing or a bad thing. This really depends, not only on your perspective but your role in the real estate market. If you are a homeowner, depreciating property values, short sales and foreclosures are certainly a bad thing. If you are an investor, foreclosures are a good thing. They say the largest segment of wealth is transferred, not in a thriving economy but a down one. If this is true, there are a … [Read more...]