The Hello Bar is a simple notification bar that engages users and communicates a call to action. REVIEW – A Good Idea – or SPAM?


I use to think there wasn’t anything more annoying than someone I barely knew asking for a recommendation on Linkedin. Use to. The infamous title of “most annoying” has now been awarded to I am a former title rep for a national title insurance company in Phoenix Arizona – I spent 10 years helping real estate professionals grow their business. works with Facebook’s social graph to connect you with professionals who are current friends of your friends on Facebook. You can search for professionals in the mortgage lending, insurance, legal, financial planning and real estate industries.  Through your friends of friends; Stik displays results of professionals connected to your friends by one degree. You can display search results based upon geographic location, keyword(s) and direct connections allowing you to quickly identify any friends you have in common. Once you find a professional you see value in connecting with, you can send them a message, and recommend the individual.  The idea is pretty simple actually – “Stik to who you know”! IF Stik is a good idea it’s being ruined by spammy sales people intent on using social media tools like facebook as an outbound marketing tool.

$20 say’s this looks familiar:

“I’m using to build my professional reputation on Facebook. Please visit my profile and click the “Recommend” button to support me”

Is it a good idea to have your friends recommend you and your professional services on facebook? Your friends. Maybe not your facebook “friends”. SOME real estate agents intent on using Stik as a spammy outbound marketing tool are killing any value of Stik. I have long been a proponent of using facebook personal pages for personal things. As we have discussed before, I believe there is an invisible social contract when it comes to personal vs business facebok pages. Personal pages are for friends and family while business pages are for – well – business. When I log into my personal facebook page, I want to see what my friends and family are up to, what they are doing, what they do and don’t like. Stik goes against that premise as recommendations are requested on your “friends” personal facebook wall. Not many things give me more pleasure [on facebook] than “un-friending” someone that has the balls to ask me for a recommendation – that I have never worked with before.

I think Stik could be a good idea but I would like to see the recommendation solicitations used more like Linkedin where you have to state how you know someone or where you have worked with them in the past. This might cut down on the spamming. Another good idea would be to require those seeking Stik recommendations from their facebook friends to do so through facebook – privately.

The premise of Stik is facebook friends asking for referrals from their facebook friends to professionals. I have to say that the jury is still out on this one for me. I honestly don’t know if I would feel comfortable referring my “friends” to my “friends”. Remember the old saying “business is never personal”? I would be wary because any issue or expectation not met would inevitably end up on my doorstep as I would be subjected to hearing two sides of any disagreement.

What about you – Would you TRUST the recommendation of a “friend” on facebook to a professional in the mortgage lending, insurance, legal, financial planning or real estate industries?

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  • Nathan Labenz

    Hi Stephen,

    My name is Nathan Labenz and I’m one of the co-founders of

    I appreciate you taking the time to review the site and I agree with you that some users have been over-using our recommendation system. We recently did some analysis and found that a small % of users are asking ALL their friends for recommendations. This came as a surprise, and we’re planning to put a limit on the number of requests that a user can make in order to keep things under control. In addition, we now require a personal note for recommendation requests — the default message that you pasted here is no longer an option for new users.

    I think these changes will improve things for people who have received too many recommendation requests while also ensuring that is populated for meaningful personal recommendations.

    Have a great day.

    • Guest

       Yeah, I am looking forward to blocking your annoying new spam. It posted three times on my profile with more or less the same garbage from a friend. I am certain they didn’t know that your little virus like spam was posting to their friend’s profiles.

      I hope word gets out and your product meets the ashcan of history in no time flat.

    • Angela

      Well hello there Nathan. Guess what. you said that default message doesn’t get used anymore. Low and behold, your message was posted here 2 years ago. I just got THAT Message in my email yesterday, September 8, 2013

      . So I guess you went back to allowing that message to be used.?

      The email I got:
      Dyna Maxx 9:14 PM (17 hours ago)

      to me

      Dear Angela,

      Dyna Maxx has requested your review on Stik, a site where professionals can collect reviews from supporters and past clients. Your review can help your friend build a great online reputation.

      Click here to rate Dyna Maxx

      Here’s a message from Dyna:

      I need a quick favor – My business relies on referrals from happy clients, so I’m gathering opinions from people who know my work. I appreciate your help!
      – Your Friends at Stik

      To unsubscribe, click here.

  • Stephen Garner

    Thanks for stopping by Nathan. I hope that you can get the word out about the changes on Stik, it is unfortunate that 1 group of bad apples was able to have such a negative impact on your program. When did the changes take effect, I have not noticed them yet.

  • Nathan Labenz

    Stephen – following up quickly… the changes went online a week or two before this blog post.  We decided to allow users who had already scheduled requests to continue as planned, but new users are using the new system.

  • Bill

    I really can’t stand STIK.I’ve tried to get my data removed and requested numerous times to remove me yet I still get their junk foisted on me.
    Another data mine trying to get and sell your private details.SHUT THEM DOWN!