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Title Company Marketing – What Is Value?

Title Company Marketing

It's Friday Yea! The last day of work before the weekend. Thousands, scratch that - hundreds of thousands of 9 to 5ers celebrate this day as the last day before they get to relax and unwind from a long week. Of course, I am not included in those 9 to 5ers, I left the title industry after 10 years to focus on my new venture - PRO-Found Marketing. Starting a new company is a lot like having a baby, it's a lot of work and worry and frustration and you can't wait for it to be … [Read more...]

Real Estate Internet Marketing

Real estate marketing tips Phoenix AZ

  Thursday. Not just any day. I am sitting here in Scottsdale, Arizona at Lawyers Title Insurance Company with  8 of the most forward thinking REALTORS in the Phoenix Market. My name is Stephen Garner, I co-founded PRO-Found Marketing. I spent 10 years in the title industry, now I help professionals get "found" online. The REALTORS are here to learn about the merits of Inbound Marketing and how it will effect their business now and in the future. Inbound … [Read more...]

How Real Estate Agents Are Like Elephants

Title Company Marketing

  "Warning: This is a generalization.... Thanks Cara". :-) Real estate agents are like elephants. No they are not big or ugly or smell. Agents are like elephants because they - like elephants - have great memories - they never forget - they hold grudges against their abusers. My mom says by 7 year old daughter has a memory like an elephant. She never forgets. Really. We go places that I have long since forgotten about that she remembers - immediately. "Dad, … [Read more...]

How To Remove Real Estate Agent From Facebook News Feed?

How to remove REALTOR from Facebook News Feed

I love facebook, but there are not many things more annoying than being bombarded by people that want to sell something - anything on YOUR personal facebook profile. This post will discuss some of my frustrations [and I am betting yours] as well as show you how to remove those that are intent on pushing an unwanted marketing message upon you. I see a lot of things when I look at the back end of my website. A lot of things. One of the things you quickly notice when you track … [Read more...]

Title Rep Marketing – Old Title Habits Die Hard – Don’t Be “Dolly”

Direct mail marketing

Disgusted. Why you ask? Great question. By now you know that I am a former title rep for a national title insurance company in Phoenix Arizona. For the last 10 years I have helped Real Estate professionals grow their business - most recently - online. Online because as you already know, over 90% of consumers start their home search online.  OK, so back to why I am disgusted.  I remember it like it was yesterday [begin dream sequence] I walked into a title company, [one … [Read more...]

Real Estate Agent Websites: Why Some Succeed and Some Fail – Miserably

real estate agent websites

Why do some real estate agent websites succeed and some fail - miserably? This is something I have thought long and hard about. 2012 marks my 11th year in the title industry. As a title rep, It was my job to help real estate professionals - real estate agents and loan officers grow their business. Years ago my initial consultation with a real estate agent would focus on postcards, flyers, labels, call capture, data lists, geographic farms, databases and of course … [Read more...]

Real Estate Marketing Ideas: Is your real estate marketing dumb?

real estate marketing tips

I received another one. Another stupid postcard from some real estate agent I don't know, have never heard of and would never work with. I chuckle and cringe when I receive these kind of things in the mail, they are funny to me. Hey, at least I took the time to look at it. I bet 99.9% of the other consumers that received her postcard didn't even do that. Well, at least she had help in paying for it - from her title company and her loan officer. I have spent 10 years in the … [Read more...]

Real Estate Content – Real Estate Websites

Somewhere on the east coast..... There is a man. He is retired. He lives in upstate New York, or Pennsylvania, or Massachusetts - he lives where it's cold. Not just cold, bone cold - and windy. He is shoveling snow from his driveway and sidewalk - AGAIN. Heavy, wet, dirty, slushy snow. As he shovels he moans about his taxes. They keep going up. His taxes go up, yet services go down. Just then, a car drives by and splashes cold, wet, dirty slush on him. "Dammit!" He … [Read more...]

Real Estate Agent Marketing – Is It All About You?

real estate billboard

WARNING: THIS IS A RANT. Saturday night. My kids finally fell asleep. So what did I do? Catch up on my "must see TV"? Watch a movie? Go to bed? Obviously not - I'm writing - to, rather FOR you. But before I made this decision I grabbed my iPhone to catch up with my friends. My Facebook Friends. I have my "friends" separated into lists in Facebook. At this time of night I usually check up on my personal friends, - the friends I grew up with in New York, the ones I went to … [Read more...]

First Page Google Search Claims – Dig Deeper

1st page google claims

I remember when postcards and flyers - worked! I remember when they were the preferred method of marketing in the real estate space. Not anymore. Consumers have shifted their behavior - online. Today, over 90% of consumers start their home search on the Internet. This "shift" in behavior has caused a land rush - on the Internet. Real estate agents accustomed to fighting for market share with direct mail are now fighting for a different kind of real estate - One of the top TEN … [Read more...]