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What’s Your Biggest Real Estate Challenge?

Real estate professionals have all kinds of challenges on an almost daily business.  As we all know, challenges can and do arise.  This is nothing new.  But what is your biggest challenge?  I am a business development manager for a national title insurance company in Phoenix Arizona, challenges are nothing new to me, especially here in Arizona where our housing market at times appears to have an endless supply of them.

What is your biggest challenge?  Business Acquisition, Communication Systems, Personnel, Motivation, Organization, Goals, Business Plan, Marketing Plan, Technology, Commitment?  While all of these are legitimate challenges, most of the agents I come across list their biggest challenge being Business Acquisition or LEADS! If you had enough leads, and you were making enough money from those leads, couldn’t you improve your communication systems, hire the right people/upgrade your talent, set attainable goals, hire an assistant, invest in technology, customize a business or marketing plan?  Wouldn’t not having the above challenges improve your commitment?  I think the answer is YES.

In my experience, the biggest challenge agents face is usually as a result of no or not enough business.  So, where does an agent find business?  Where do you currently look for business?


Yellow Pages?

Sphere Of Influence?

Professional Groups?

Print Ads?

Direct Mail?

Shopping Carts


The Magnet On Your Car?

Networking Groups?

All of these require that you get belly to belly with people.  So, how do you do that?  How do you meet these people? Question: Are you OUT or IN?  By that I mean, are you an OUTBOUND marketer or an INBOUND marketer?  Let me clarify….

OUTBOUND: You still target consumers with postcards, flyers, cold calls, door-to-door etc that most likely don’t have a need for your services right now


INBOUND: You are helping consumers that have a need for your services FIND YOU.

I’ve done my share of outbound marketing and willed the phone to ring before and you know what?  It never did.

OUTBOUND Marketing is sometimes also classified as Interruption Marketing.  Interruption marketing are tactics that work only if they interrupt you to get your attention. The problem-most consumers, yes, including you and me-don’t like these tactics.  Do you like receiving cold calls?  Do you like unannounced people stopping by your home or place of business?  I’m guessing NO.  Yet so many real estate professionals rely on the very type of marketing they can’t stand done to them.  Why?  Because they don’t know any better. Well, I have a solution.  Inbound Marketing.  Inbound marketing is flipping the script (if you will) and bringing your customers to you.  Does it work?  You are here aren’t you?  I didn’t send you a postcard or call you, show up at your home or place of work and ask you to read this, you FOUND ME.   Inbound Marketing is all about getting FOUND by consumers looking to learn more about you, your product/service or Industry.

I help my clients with their INBOUND marketing methods.  It all starts with a great website, (preferably WordPress), we then through keyword research, identify words or phrases consumers type into the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) when they are looking for what it is you do.  We enhance the chances of you being found by adding Unique Content, Video, Pictures, Back Links, Landing Pages, Social Media etc.

How Do You Want To Be Found? Here are some searches that took place in Google in the last 30 days:

Phoenix Homes For Sale 1900 searches per month

Phoenix Arizona Homes For Sale 8100 searches per month

House For Sale Phoenix Arizona 8100 searches per month

Homes For Sale Mesa AZ 4400 searches per month

Condos For Sale Mesa Arizona 590 searches per month

Homes for sale glendale az 1900 searches per month

homes for sale in Glendale Arizona 2900 searches per month

Lets Do the Math Together

1900+8100+8100+4400+590+1900+2900= 27,890 possible consumers looking for homes for sale in Arizona.  How many of them landed on your website?

Remember this:

You can INTERRUPT the heck out of people with your Interruption Marketing methods (and they might HATE YOU) or you can help them find you with Inbound Marketing, search engine marketing, video, social media, review sites, SEO (and they will APPRECIATE YOU) as a resource and problem solver. Which would you prefer? Door #1 (Call another Title Rep) OR Door #2 (Lets Meet For Coffee)

Remember This: Having your website as the destination of an Internet search is not magic, not  science, just hard work.  But I am here to help you.  Let’s Talk


Hi I'm Stephen Garner, I'm just a guy in the title industry {in Phoenix} trying to change how real estate agents market themselves and their services. To that end, I teach my clients HOW TO leverage sales technologies like WordPress, Content, Video, Camtasia, Final Cut X, iMovie and indexable IDX solutions to convey value and help your ideal client find you online when they are most interested in learning about you and your services. I work for escrows. Hire me!

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