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Ready-Set-Grow-Your Business At RainCamp Prescott August 26th

August 26th 2010 Prescott, Arizona

Blog, Social Media, Website, Hyperlocal, Search Engine Optimization, etc…. You have heard them all of late because they are critical aspects of your real estate business.

You have no doubt been to a seminar in the last year and left feeling underwhelmed or maybe worse-more confused that you came in.  Well all that changes on August 26th in Prescott, Arizona.  On August 26th I will be in Prescott, AZ at the Prescott Resort and Conference Center. with two of the most influential people in real estate: Jonathan Washburn,  CEO and Founder of ActiveRain-you know, the largest real estate community in the world with 187,000 members-and Ben Kinney, a Mega Agent from Seattle and nationally renowned speaker. At RainCamp we’ll be talking about all kinds of strategies to improve your online presence and to help you earn business using the web.

At RainCamp on August 26th they will:

  • Show you how they have helped thousands of their members rank at the top of the search engines (Google, MSN, etc.) for searches in their market.
  • Share how Donna Harris, a RE/MAX agent from Austin, Texas used her blog to make $122,000 in commissions over the last two years doing what you can do in your own market.
  • Reveal how a plan and some guidance can help you use blogging to impact your business and get the same results as Donna.
  • Show you how to use Facebook and Twitter to earn more business.
  • Provide you with a day full of great info to take home with you and implement immediately!

This event is being brought to you by ActiveRain, they have made it possible for everyone to attend with donation based tickets. They want everyone to have access to the information they are sharing – it’s that important for the success of your business as the internet becomes, more and more, a crucial part of your lead generation.

Only 400 Tickets are available so don’t delay!
Check out what some attendees are saying:

“I was one of the attendees at the Raincamp in New York.

I wanted to leave at noon.

Did it suck? No, I wanted to start implementing this stuff right away.

If you’ve never been to RainCamp and are wondering if it is worthwhile, I’ll say this: If you’ve ever wished that someone who is actually doing this would just take and day and walk you through the nuts and bolts of selling real estate in 2010, then you would have had your head explode at this event.

I’m a tough sell; moreover, I’m totally ADD and many of the seminars and educational events I’ve attended have either bored, disappointed, or both. This thing had me engaged the whole time. I’m literally exhausted 2 days later, and all I did was sit for 8 hours!

Did I catch up with people I already know and done business with? Yes.

Did I meet people for the first time in person? Absolutely.

But I didn’t get into real estate to meet other agents. I got into this business to make money. So here’s the bottom line: Ben Kinney, the main presenter, is walking the talk. He sells real estate right now, and showed us how he does it.

Ever wonder how to make money on Facebook? That was here.
Ever wonder how to make money on Twitter? That was covered.
Interested in getting to the top of Google? Covered.
Wonder what to blog about and how to blog? Check.
Is there a website to help with one thing or another? Brother, my bookmarks are now bulging with gold nuggets.
Are you getting the picture?
There was no sales pitch. There was no long wind up to a $500 coaching program, books, tapes, or membership in some online sales clique. It was knowledge and tools, pure and simple, and they did it for a full day.”

J Philip Faranda

Reserve your seat today…..not tomorrow….TODAY!!!!

Tickets are $99.00 and $139.00

BUT-because of our relationship with ActiveRain (Ted Canto and I brought them in from Seattle a little over a year ago for their 1st event-)

They have offered discount tickets for us.  Please note these links are brokerage specific. With the discount links below tickets are now $79 and $99  Your brokerage not there?  Call or email me.

Keller Williams -
West USA -
Homesmart -
Realty Executive –
Solutions –
John Hall & Associates –

We have also arranged for a group discount at The Prescott Resort and Conference Center.

Hotel Discount Info

For reservations please call (800) 967-4637 and request the TED CANTO Room Block for August 25, 2010.  Reservations must be called in by August 19, 2010 to insure group rate and rooms are subject to availability.  After this date, room rate is subject to change and based on availability.  $85.00 for deluxe rooms and $105.00 for suites per night, plus tax.  An additional $10.00 per person, over two persons per room, plus tax will apply.

Oh yea, what to bring…….Listen to Sara Bonert, Industry Relations Manager for Zillow

What I learned at RainCamp:

1) Bring your lap top and get a seat up front. There are tables and power outlets for Platinum ticket holders to ensure that you’ll be juiced the whole day. There will be wireless access available for everyone, so you can surf with the Speaker. I think this greatly enhances one’s ability to digest what is being said when you can play along.

2) Bring lots of business cards. I think it would cool to have cards specially made for the event with the same picture on them that is on your Active Rain profile and an URL for your blog with your blog title. You may know someone very well online, and this would help make the connection IRL (in real life).

3) Get signed up with Internet services ahead of time. Even if you don’t know (YET) how to use them, you want to at least set them up, so you’ll be ready to go when the speakers start talking about them day of. Start with: Twitter, Facebook, ActiveRain, Zillow, LinkedIn.

I hope to see you on Prescott on August 26th 2010


Hi I'm Stephen Garner, I'm just a guy in the title industry {in Phoenix} trying to change how real estate agents market themselves and their services. To that end, I teach my clients HOW TO leverage sales technologies like WordPress, Content, Video, Camtasia, Final Cut X, iMovie and indexable IDX solutions to convey value and help your ideal client find you online when they are most interested in learning about you and your services. I work for escrows. Hire me!

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