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Real Estate Marketing: Is Yours Where The Masses Are?

It came , it saw, it conquered.  I'm talking about ActiveRain's Raincamp. " RainCamp is a full day of hard-core real estate training designed to show you how to leverage social media and cutting-edge sale tactics to become more successful in your business".  400 real estate professionals came from all over Arizona, some from the east coast to hear Ben Kinney talk about the future present of real estate marketing. Real estate is a contact sport, which means that you as a … [Read more...]

Next “STOP” Raincamp Prescott

Well we just got back from ActiveRain's Raincamp Prescott.  RainCamp is a full day Conference packed with valuable content, presentations, and the most useful and applicable ideas and processes that real estate professionals can implement immediately into your Social Media, Networking, Blogging Strategy, and Business Plan. It was so awesome being around 400 of the most progressive forward thinking Real Estate professionals in the area.  I went to learn the latest techniques … [Read more...]

Real Estate Marketing: When Will It Change?

When I sit down with real estate professionals it is for the purpose of earning their business.  There is always a trade off,-value if you will.  I hope to get their escrows and they hope to get more business.  Very few people are able to deliver on the latter.  I'm not one of those people.  I am a title rep for a national title insurance company based in Phoenix, Arizona.  I help my clients get found on the internet. 10 years ago, a meeting with a real estate professional … [Read more...]

Marketing Title With Twitter: The Importance Of Monitoring Keywords

Twitter is awesome, we have already talked about that in previous posts. We talked about the way I use Twitter in marketing title which is sharing links and monitoring. Specifically monitoring. I am a title rep for a national title insurance company based in Phoenix, Arizona. I help my clients-real estate professionals-get found on the internet. Twitter is a great way to "get found". Case in point, My wife was in a a car accident 2 weeks ago. Everyone was fine but … [Read more...]

Real Estate Flyers-Don’t Work

Got flyers?  I sure hope not.  If you do, I can tell a lot about you and your marketing.  In case you don't know what a flyer is, its an 8.5x11 piece of paper with colors on it, those colors usually consist of a picture of a house, a logo of a real estate company, a picture of a real estate agent, a phone number of a real estate agent and a brief description of the home.  Sometimes you will get lucky and find one with extra information from a loan officer or get this ......a … [Read more...]

Facebook Places-Facebook Goes Where?

What will facebook think of next?  Normally I would start a post by talking about a product or service, but its becoming harder and harder to do in regards to facebook.  Why?  Because everyone is on it, well, at least 500 million of us are.  It almost seems like facebook knows what we want before we even want it.  I am a title rep for a national title insurance company in Phoenix, Arizona.  I help me clients "get found" on the internet, which is right up my alley for … [Read more...]

Caution: Social Media Experts Ahead

Video thumbnail for youtube video Caution: Social Media Experts Ahead - My Title Guy

Recently I attended a class about Facebook in Mesa, Arizona by a local social media company.  I had heard of them from other Real Estate agents and have seen some of their activity on Facebook so I wanted to see what they and their products are all about.  In this economy it is very hard to fill a room with Realtors but I have to admit that I am surprised to see this room filled to capacity, in fact its standing room only.  Now let me be 100% honest. This class was sponsored … [Read more...]

Facebook For Realtors: 8 Ways To Lose Friends and Not Influence People

Facebook is awesome.  I have connected with so many people that frankly, I forgot all about and the times that we have had.  It's because of Facebook that we were able to connect all over again.  With 500 million people on Facebook its a huge resource for your real estate business as well. Facebook extends your reach as a person, realtor, business, brand etc. if you know how to use it. I am a title rep for a national title insurance company based in Phoenix, Arizona.  I help … [Read more...]

Using Twitter In Your Real Estate Business: A How To

Twitter sucks! If you don't know how to use it that is. As a real estate agent or loan officer Twitter has some real world benefits for your business. The problem is that most sales people, whether in or out of the real estate industry have not been shown how to use it correctly. I am a title rep for a national title insurance company and I'm based in Phoenix, Arizona. I help my clients (real estate professionals) get found on the Internet). That being said, Twitter is not … [Read more...]

YouTube Video Editor Tool: A How To

I am a title rep for a national title insurance company based in Phoenix, Arizona. I help my clients leverage technology and social media to get more business. One of the ways I do this is with video. Using video in real estate is not the future, it is the present. Given a choice between reading an article or watching a video about it, I am going to go out on a limb and say 85% would choose video. I know I would. It's because of this that most buyers and sellers will look … [Read more...]