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What’s The Secret? To Generating Real Estate Leads On The Internet?

OK, so maybe this didn't happen............. I just escaped!  I ran all the way home to tell you what just happened to me.  I can't believe this....I'm out of breath.......  Ok,  Ok, yesterday, Wednesday, July 28th, 2010, 1700 hours, I mean 5:00 P.M., (sorry, I reverted back to my military training there for a minute.  Won't happen again.)  Ted Canto (a loan officer here in the Southeast Valley)  and I left my office in Mesa, Arizona, (really … [Read more...]

Arizona Sellers: Beware of Short Sale FRAUD.

It's bad enough that you are upside down or underwater" as they say in your Arizona home, that's bad enough, then your 5/1 ARM starts to adjust. Upward.  Now you are paying more on a home that is obviously worth less.  Next you are having problems keeping up with the payments.  You miss one payment, then two.  The phone starts ringing, at home, at work, your cell.  You are falling further and further behind on your payments.  What are you to do? Well, in the above scenario, … [Read more...]

Raincamp Prescott, Arizona!

Do you want to grow your Real Estate business? What are you doing on Thursday August 26th 2010?  I know what I'm doing.  I will be in Prescott, Arizona for RainCamp with 400 of the most forward thinking Real Estate professionals from across the country.  Will you be one of them? You have heard it before, at least you have thought it "why don't my postcards or calenders get the response they once did?"  Well, there are many reasons but one of them is that there has … [Read more...]

Realtors: Give To Receive

Do you remember when Starbucks stopped offering FREE WIFI?  I do. I do because it was the last time that I met clients at Starbucks.  I am a title rep for a national title insurance company in Phoenix AZ.  I help my clients (REALTORS) get found on the internet.  It's because of this that I need my laptop to show my clients how to use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Yelp, Wordpress and most importantly, how to use them together.  Something that is not fun on a wireless … [Read more...]

Title reps: Does yours help you build your Arizona Real Estate Business?

Cold Calls, no that's not a good start to a blog post, no one likes cold calls. I know I don't.  Oh, I know, I will start like this. O.K. It's Monday, my call day.  Not that I like making Cold Calls-I don't.  I guess my biggest challenge with cold calls is that I don't like it when someone cold calls me!  You are probably the same way.  Anyway,...... I am a title rep for a national title insurance company in Phoenix, AZ so that is what I am doing today to set my … [Read more...]

Is the traditional real estate agent/brokerage dead?

traditional - pertaining to time-honored Orthodox doctrines; orthodox - adhering to what is commonly accepted; "an orthodox view of the world" I ask this question not to be argumentative but to spark a debate It seems to me that while the business world has changed, Google Blackberry iPhone Zillow Trulia Amazon Expedia Social Media {I could go on and on,} yet the traditional real estate agent/brokerage continues on-unchanged. Question. … [Read more...]

Considering a Short Sale in Arizona? What You Should Know

Short Sale.  Short Sale. Short Sale.  I remember when the buzz words to describe real estate were Location. Location. Location.  Maybe that's why so many Arizona homeowners find themselves in trouble. First of all-Congratulations.  You have taken the 1st step (but most likely the 300th)  to inquire what options are "out there" for you.  How do I know?  You wouldn't have found this post if you weren't looking for more information about short sale. You probably already know … [Read more...]

Facebook shuts down REALTOR referral page over Vanity URL issue

With all the "experts" in social media, it's really easy to take what an "expert " says to the bank.  But be careful.  Just because your best friends, sisters-cousin says that so and so is an expert in social media doesn't make it so. 3 weeks ago I went to a seminar here in Mesa, AZ by the latest "flavor of the month-social media experts" that said in a room of over 100 people, (80 of which being small business owners) ......."you don't need a website anymore, Facebook is … [Read more...]

Arizona REO Homes For Your Buyers with NO Investor Competition and FHA Approved

Remove The Competition Of REO Properties By Coming To The Realtor Rally and Home Buyer Auction Arizona REALTORS, are you sick and tired of driving your buyers from city to city, house to house, writing multiple offers (on the hood of your hot car of course) only to be outbid by a cash investor?  There has to be an easier way! Yes,  There Is. Come to the Realtor Rally on Tuesday 7/13/2010 to learn the process of the Neighborhood Stabilization Program or NSP.  These homes … [Read more...]

7 Reasons Your Real Estate Website Sucks

Realtor Websites If you are a Realtor you know how important it is to have a web presence.  Well, at least you should anyway.  I am still amazed when I come across some Realtors that say "naw...I really don't need a website, my clients prefer to get information the old fashioned way". To which I have this look of amazement and usually will have a snide remark like "they still make you?" Ok, so now you know that you need a website, and many Realtors reading this will say "well … [Read more...]