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Wage Garnishment-up 121% in Arizona-Is Money Missing From Your Account

With all the attention the housing market is receiving, its easy to overlook other challenges occurring in Arizona.  Wage Garnishments-and Arizona leads the nation in them.  Money missing from your paycheck or commission?  Your paycheck may have been garnished and worse-you most likely have no clue that it has even occurred.  As reported by “The Today Show”, this woman in Chandler, Arizona was behind a few hundred dollars in  credit card debt,-because of her job loss, the amount owed ballooned to almost $2500 with penalties and late fees- when she noticed money missing from her bank account.  She came to discover that debt collectors had won a judgment against her, without her knowledge and her bank account was garnished-again, without her knowledge-or permission.  Scary.  Yes garnishments are up across the country but Arizona leads the nation with a 121% increase.  As you can see below, there are steps that you can take to protect yourself in the event your wages are garnished.

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  • Orrie Allen

    This is what happened to me exactly just this month. Hammerman and Hultgren. They also told my ex-wife that they will garnish my check. I never got a letter to show for court and they won by DEFAULT, but I am still fighting it. This particular Law Office is notorious for doing such things according to some web site I looked into. They also have a F rating from the BBB. If anyone can help me in any way please feel free to contact me at