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Phoenix area home rentals in high demand

Looking for a home to rent in the Phoenix Metro Area? Well, it looks like you better move fast. You would think that all the short sale and foreclosure activity would have put a damper on our housing market and you would be right-kind of.

The rental market is booming. And it makes perfect sense. There are thousands of people that are losing their homes to foreclosure and short sale, all these people need a place to call home. Add to that the thousands (and growing) of others that are choosing to walk away from their homes, AKA-Strategic Default, and you can see why rental homes would be in high demand.

Less supply, more demand=high rents and often longer leases required. 2+ years

Got bad credit? Don’t let that get you down. I own 5 homes, before the boom, I would have required good credit, good job history and good references, that has now changed. Its hard to find someone that has no been negatively effected by this recession.  Many landlords (myself included) will work with you.

Looking for a REALTOR to help you find the perfect rental house?  Call or email me to be referred to a REALTOR that can help you.

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    i think that the price of home rentals these days are quite high compared to last year ‘