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How Do I create Facebook Fan Page for My Real Estate business?

You have been told time and time again that you should have a facebook fanpage, you should already know the benefits, you know the improved SEO, brand building etc....  Now is the time to just do it! … [Read more...]

How To Use YouTube In Your Arizona Real Estate Business

Please join us for a YouTube Class on June 9th 2010 from 10-11 am at Academy Mortgage in Mesa, AZ.  This class will be a hands on class covering Account set up account customozation Shooting Video Editing Video Uploading Video to Youtube Embedding Video into your blog or website YouTube's Keyword Tool So, how did this video phenomenon get started? In February 2005 when the founders registered a domain name called  The very first 19 second video was … [Read more...]

Do Marketing Services For Realtors Offered By Arizona Title Companies Work?

Alejandro is back and he is funnier than ever! Alejandro Hondro calls a few Arizona title companies and asks one simple "pointed" question. As a Realtor, "How Can You Help Me Grow My Business?"  Can you guess the answer? What is your opinion about marketing services offered by title companies in Arizona?, Good, Bad, Indifferent? … [Read more...]

Short Sales Exposed-Insiders Tell All-Neil Thomson

I'm joined by 600 of my closest friends in Scottsdale, Arizona at the Scottsdale Center For The Performing Arts for Old Republic Title Agencies "Short Sales Exposed, Insiders Tell All.  Old Republic Title Agency has assembled  a who's who panel of industry experts/insiders for a discussion about short sales.  The panelists include Jim Sexton of John Hall and Associates, Neil Thomson of Thomson Conant Law Firm, Steve Chader of Keller Williams Integrity First, Duane Foutz of … [Read more...]

Beware Of The Social Media Expert

Video thumbnail for youtube video Beware Of The Social Media Expert - My Title Guy

Real Estate is a contact sport, which means the more people you contact the more people you will likely do business with.   It's a game of numbers. Social media has become a logical and effective way to reach large numbers of people. Social Media tools like Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, YouTube, etc... are a fantastic resource for any business and especially beneficial to Realtors.  Some of the benefits for your real estate business include Cost Improve and enhance search … [Read more...]

Realtors: Are you overlooking LinkedIn?

Are you on Linkedin? With all the talk about Facebook and Twitter its really easy to miss the value of other social networks. Each network has a separate and distinct value in reaching different demographics. In a general statement I say MySpace is the Bar Facebook is for Family and Friends (not including Fanpages/Business Pages) Twitter is for Traffic LinkedIn is the Office. Why Linkedin? Linkedin is designed for Business Easy way to find qualified employees, jobs, … [Read more...]

Walking Away-The Reality Of Strategic Default

What would you do? Strategic Default is essentially walking away from your mortgage "letting your home go" back to the bank, not because you can't afford the payments but because you don't want to. In Arizona it is estimated that 50% of the homes are "under water"-they are worth less than the amount owed on them., substantially less, sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars less. I am a title rep, so I work with lots of industry professionals that have told me stories … [Read more...]

How Do I Use A Fan Page To Build My Real Estate Business?

Great you have a facebook account-so do 400 million other people. Do you know how to use it for your real estate business? We talked earlier about how to lose friends and NOT influence people on Facebook, now lets talk about what to do or rather HOW to use a Facebook Fan Page to Build Your Real Estate Business. As a REALTOR, you will be tempted to post your listings on your personal page. DON'T DO IT-too much! I Repeat....Don't Do IT-all the time. That is what a business … [Read more...]

Missing! Out On Great Service

If you are a REALTOR in Arizona and you are not getting the benefit of a marketing representative then you are MISSING! out on a great service.  Marketing rep's for title companies in Arizona have 2 main purposes, promote the company they work for and help you grow your business..  Most of them are very good at one, and the other-"Not So Much". Why? Well, if you sit down with a marketing rep, they are most likely going to spend most of the time telling you how amazing the … [Read more...]

Facebook For REALTORS: 10 Ways To Lose Friends and NOT Influence People

As of this post, there are over 400 million people on facebook.  With all those people in one place there is bound to be someone that just really annoys you to the point that you "un-friend" them.  Here are some of the most irritating things a Realtor can do. Business, business, business. If every time your friends log into their facebook account, your "friends" see you talking about your business, you will most likely be "un-friended"-quickly. They accepted you as a … [Read more...]