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5 Things REALTOR’s Do That Annoy Evo-And Many Others Most Likely


We all get annoyed by different things.  For some its traffic, others its screaming kids or the significant other.  Normally the things that we do don’t affect our business.  But, what if you are involuntarily doing something that annoys your potential clients?  Do you think they would be more or less likely to work with you for their real estate needs.


At RE Bar Camp Phoenix in Scottsdale,  Evo Terra, a professional public speaker, author and digital business strategist held a class for REALTOR’s called “5 things you (REALTOR’s) do that annoy me“.  I think its safe to assume that if something annoys him, that it may annoy many others as well, so there is a learning experience here.  Evo is not a REALTOR, in addition to being an online citizen he is a consumer like you and I, a consumer that buys and sells real estate and has his own likes and dislikes.

These are his dislikes.

  1. Video Email. He Likes Video, He Likes Email But He Obviously Doesn’t Like Video Email.

  2. The Email Signature Line. Why is yours so Fat? Your Designations Mean Nothing To Me

  3. Lead with a business card. A No-No.

  4. Annoy me on Facebook. How Can You Expect Someone To Be A Fan, If They Have Never Bought Or Sold A Home With You?

  5. Lead with your brokerage. People Work With You, Not Your Brokerage

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