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How Do I Select A Username For My Facebook Fanpage? A How To.

Facebook fanpages or rather "like pages" as they look like they will be called are really business pages.  Business pages are great for your real estate business because as we have discussed in a prior post, you are able to effectively market your listings and other real estate activity while being true to the unwritten facebook social contract. So, you have set up your fanpage, you have suggested it to friends and now you have the magical # of 25 friends. Whats next?  The … [Read more...]

Realtor Marketing-A Consumers Point Of View-Mine

How is your marketing?  Does your marketing speak to you? Does it speak to anyone? As a Realtor, your marketing is imperative to your success.  While you may have a sphere of influence, you need marketing to attract new clients, and stay "top of mind" with past clients. Boy-oh-boy has marketing changed.  I remember when I first started in the business almost 10 years ago, It was acceptable commonplace for a Realtor to pose on a Mercedes, in front of a multi-million dollar … [Read more...]

Short Sales Exposed-Insiders Tell All

What if? What if a forward thinking company sponsored a short sale event.  A short sale event that featured industry professionals legends like Steve Chader of Keller Williams Integrity First, John Foltz, Designated Broker of Realty Executives, Jim Sexton of John Hall & Associates, Duane Fouts of Homesmart, Michelle Lind-General Council for AAR, and capped it off with one of the valley premier law firms-Thomson Conant. What if 800 Phoenix area REALTOR's came … [Read more...]

Disable Facebook’s Instant Personalization-A How To

Last week facebook started allowing 3rd party websites access your (our) personal information to customize our experience.  Sites include Yelp, Pandora, The New York Times and others. Because this is a new feature, many (including me) are a little weary of my personal information being shared with sites that I may or may not currently use, especially since I am not really aware of all the information that will be shared.  The bad news is that your information is already … [Read more...]

Arizona Realtors-Is Your Marketing Rep Stuck In Web 1.0 Marketing?

Arizona REALTOR'S and Lenders are always looking for ways to increase their business and/or cut their costs.  In a traditional market, a title company, specifically a marketing representative at a title company would help try to help them increase their business. How would they do this? In the Web 1.0 world, postcards and flyer's were a staple of title reps here in Arizona.  REALTOR's and loan officers would call me left and right saying "Hey Stephen, can you help me with … [Read more...]

5 Things REALTOR’s Do That Annoy Evo-And Many Others Most Likely

Annoyed. We all get annoyed by different things.  For some its traffic, others its screaming kids or the significant other.  Normally the things that we do don't affect our business.  But, what if you are involuntarily doing something that annoys your potential clients?  Do you think they would be more or less likely to work with you for their real estate needs. Yep. At RE Bar Camp Phoenix in Scottsdale,  Evo Terra, a professional public speaker, author and digital … [Read more...]

Real Estate Bar Camp Phoenix 2010-Updated

It was a  beautiful Friday in Scottsdale, Arizona to attend the 2nd annual Real Estate Bar Camp Phoenix 2010.  I was there with with 800+ of my closest friends to learn the latest and greatest about leveraging technology in real estate. First of all. What's Bar Camp? "It’s an “un-conference”. There is no pre-printed agenda. The agenda is built that day and often morphs through the camp as people gather, talk and share.  Anyone can come and write on a board-what they want … [Read more...]

Do You Know What Percentage Of Buyers Start Their Home Search On The Internet?

87%. 87% of buyers start their home search on the Internet. 80%. 80% of buyers will choose the first agent they come across to work with Want to increase your business? Be the first agent that a buyer comes across.  That's where we can help.  I say "we" because I am not an individual, I have a network of people that will help you. I'm a marketing representative for Old Republic Title Agency here is the Phoenix Metro Area.  I can help you build your … [Read more...]

Arizona Realtors, Is Your Marketing Rep A Business Partner Or An Order Taker?

Arizona REALTOR's:  If I can promise you the same level of service as you currently receive (or better) and I can help you increase your business, Can we do business? I know it sounds like a silly question but its a serious one. I want to help you increase your business. I am a marketing representative for a local title company.  Normally I would start a conversation with you by saying "my escrow officers provide fantastic service".  Normally.  Because of the downturn in … [Read more...]

Evo Terra to teach Facebook 101 class at Arizona School of Real Estate

If you have been wondering how to integrate Facebook into your business, this is the class for you.  This class will be taught by one of Arizona's finest Social Media Experts.  Evo Terra has been hired by NAR for national speaking engagements to discuss some of his accomplishments and expertise in the new world of Social Media marketing.  If you do not use, do not want to use, do not understand what is, or want to use Social Media, you do not want to miss this class.  This is … [Read more...]