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What’s Old Republic Title Agency’s Advantage Program?

AAH-the good old days-

Remember the good old days when at the end of a signing your clients would get a copy of everything that was signed or reviewed at the closing? You know, that big heavy package filled with copies of the purchase contract, note, deed of trust, pre-audit, final HUD 1, title commitment, invoices, home warranty information, appraisal, signed loan documents, escrow instructions, seller payoff and new lender information? (Breathe)

Well the old days are over at Old Republic Title Agency. That’s because we recently started Advantage.

Advantage is a CD that provides instant access to pertinent documents, it’s convenience at its finest. Advantage transforms your customers bulky unorganized file into a small company disc.


Tim Loria, Realtor-Rock Point Realty


Caption: Tim Loria, Realtor with Rock Point Realty in Mesa receiving his Advantage CD from a recent closing.

Benefits of Advantage

  • Handy access for all future financial transactions
  • Your clients will keep CD’s more often than large paper files
  • Professional, finished product with no additional cost at closing
  • Each time the CD is used they are reminded of who gave it to them-YOU
  • Your name and contact information are prominently displayed on the CD
  • Organized in an efficient manner around the needs of your client
  • Can be used as a valuable mailing piece at tax time
  • Its GREEN! You’re saving trees


Did you know that home warranty is the #1 referenced information after the closing…..more opportunity to see your name and contact information-again-helps with client retention.

For more information about Advantage or to find out other ways I can help build your business, please call 480.892.2306

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